EA ACCESS – Start Saying Goodbye!

Don’t worry, EA Access still remains and isn’t going, so put down your pitch-forks and tacky gaming merchandise swords you’ve bought online. It’s ok!


EA AccessHowever, EA is starting to remove Games from their Vault after the COO previously mentioned they wouldn’t. Again, don’t worry, it’s just FIFA 14 and their reasoning makes sense as they’re shutting down the FIFA 14 servers, hopefully, to improve FIFA 18. To be honest, if you know anyone who still plays FIFA 14 when 15, 16 AND 17 are still free, then you need new friends.

As of October 18th, FIFA 14 was removed. Say goodbye to Dybala at Palermo, Douglas Costa at Shakhtar and Arturo Vidal at Juventus. Oh wait, you can edit it in the new FIFA’s.

I’m not sure on the next titles of EA Access to go, but get your old gaming fix for free while you still can.

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