What’s new in this years FIFA 18 Companion App?

Now this may annoy people to hear, but nothing really has changed this year for FIFA 18’s Companion App, except one major thing, it’s functionality speed. In previous years, EA has helped peoples addiction of FIFA Ultimate Team by introducing an app to your smartphone. So instead of working and earning money for your family to eat, you can now continue trading on the interactive FIFA transfer market and opening packs, which you can then improve your FIFA Ultimate Team for when you get home and play, still ignoring your family.

Its functionality has vastly improved, the interface is still the same so there is nothing you need to get used to that is different. Amazing news, because I often hate change, unless it’s re-casting Batman.

It performs A LOT faster than last year, you don’t have to keep logging in all the time and wonder where your most recent purchased player went to in the aftermath of a last-second deal. Just be sure to turn off your FIFA game fully and wait a few minutes before loading your app on your phone.

Occasionally you may be required to re-log into your EA Sports account once and a while, depending on how soon you turn off your Xbox to loading up the app, so memorise your password and don’t get annoyed.

For all the people that moan about not having an EA Sports Account, it’s simple, sign up to it and stop moaning that big brother is watching all the time. I don’t think EA wants to find out what your internet search history is.

It’s FREE, like all previous years, one of few things that EA offer for FREE.

Other handy functions:

Squad Builder Challengers – often you are tasked with making specific teams and given criteria to stick to in reward for packs and coins. You can do this fully on the companion app, it gives you another reason to stick to your phone and not have to socialise with ‘outside people’.

Transfer Market – runs as smoothly as ever. Happy trading!

You can claim rewards from your challenge completions too. EXCEPT… for your Squad Battles from the previous week. You must sign in on your Xbox, PS4, PC for those beauties.

So there we have it! It’s good and worth downloading if you were struggling with last years one.

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