Why is Rocket League so good?

I joined the Rocket League scene about a year after it was released, unfortunately thinking it would be another FAD like Watchdogs, Mafia 3 or basically any MMORPG ever. However when I and four of my “BAEs” started playing it, we were hooked pretty early on, despite the frustrations of learning to cope with how awful we all were when one of us scored, we rejoiced and danced around in a circle holding hands giggling like children.

The concept for the main game of Rocket League is simple, you have a large spherical object (a ‘ball’ as it’s more commonly known) that you must score into the opponent’s goal. Like Football, except we don’t have to go outside and be all cold and mingle with working class people. The twist is that you’re in a Rocket Car!

If Mario Kart and EA’s FIFA had a baby, they would’ve named it Rocket League. That’s the best and quickest description you will get. But what I want to review is WHY IS IT SO GOOD?

  • Why does it have a huge following across all platforms?
  • What makes it so liked by most of the gaming community?
  • What does this have that other games miss out on?

Hopefully, the more I talk, the more you will think “yes, that’s it, I understand now”.

My thoughts on most things are fairly simple, and that’s when it hit me.


No complicated narrative to keep track of, no characters to fall in and out of love with, no ridiculous plot twists and terribly acted cut scenes. It’s simply……..simple!

You start the game up, you spend 20 seconds to 20 minutes picking a car (similar to the time taken to decide what you are going to watch on Netflix) and just join on a level playing field in terms of ability, and the actual level of the field. The objective is the same for both teams and realistically, no one has an advantage. You just have to score!

When purchasing a new game, it’s sometimes a bit of chore to come to terms with the fact the ‘sprint’ button on Call of Duty isn’t the same as Battlefield 1. With Rocket League, you drive forward and backwards, with the occasional turn, boost, jump, double jump, double jump with flips in either direction….oh and you can ride up walls too, but that’s it.

We’ve all played a driving game, so that covers off the basics to play the game. We’ve all recognised a game in our lives which involves us to simply jump. If you’re aware of this concept, then you can play rocket league.

Once you get a little more into Rocket League and get a taste of your first goal (often accidental), you become hooked and instantly think it’s easy and want to do it again. My “BAE’s” and I went from ring-a-ring-of-roses to banter on epic levels whenever the other team had conceded my off the wall double flip into the top corner. That’s when you actually want to invest more time understanding the movements of the cars and ball. But throughout the whole time you play, it still remains simple and fun.


I am a keen believer in the value and the price of computer games, the same with anything. I’ll put my hand in my pocket if I see the value. The idea of Rocket League for £50+ may put people off, but fortunately, it was £15-£20 for the entire game. This price + the concept + a lot of respected Gamers keep raving about it, you might as well part with your money and see what the fuss is about. Add-ons and updates are free too, like Rockstar’s beloved GTA.


Think about it, it’s probably completely direct from any game we play currently, it certainly is with me. Novelty is key in anything nowadays, being surprised pleasantly. A reason why the majority of film sequels are letdowns is that we rely on novelty. Now you could argue that Rocket League shows no novelty, but does it need to?

On the counter argument of no novelty, there are other game modes and customisation’s on cars with pop culture references that Gamers enjoy, like a Rick and Morty flag to add to your car.

I feel I’ve answered my initial question now, for those of you who were on the fence about Rocket League, get off that uncomfortable fence, grab a controller and start playing. It’s an excellent “filler” game while we wait for the next big game like Call of Duty or Dead Rising 5: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Thank you for reading.

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