Over the weekend more tidbits of information were released regarding one of next years most anticipated titles, Jurassic World Evolution. At the Frontier Expo, a show hosted by Frontier Developments, a team of developers showed off their new project and gave fans a look at the game with some incredible in-game footage.

So what do we know so far about Jurassic World Evolution? Well we know it is, of course, a theme park builder set in the world of Universal Studios’ Jurassic Park, you can build your own dinosaur theme park and hope for better luck than that which befell everyone’s favourite mentally unstable billionaire, John Hammond.

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Now, this type of game has been tried before on mobile platforms with Jurassic Park Builder but what sets this apart from that, other than being on console and PC, is the depth and detail that has been woven into it by a team who are genuinely invested in the property they are working with.

You’ll start with dig teams to send out to collect fossils on one island and eventually expand to four neighbouring islands meaning a fully developed park will cross five tropical islands. The devs on stage at Frontier Expo hammered home the three key elements the game will be based on, you can pour everything into one field or try to balance them out.

Entertainment – Making sure your prehistoric attractions entertain and scare the bejesus out your guests is a big earner in Jurassic Park Evolution, if you don’t have entertaining, giant beasts roaming around their paddocks confused as to what year it is, then you’re simply not going to make any money to purchase more confused and lethal creatures. We are promised other attractions too, what we expect will be theme park-style rides and possibly some dino starring shows.

Security – This one goes without saying, it seems in the world of Jurassic Park that InGen spent all of around fifteen dollars on their security system and vetted all their staff at five minutes to five on a Friday. You can do better, there will no doubt be massive amounts of security equipment to spend your money on to ensure your park doesn’t become an open-air buffet the moment the gates open. You can expect to see the classic cattle prods and electric fences and maybe some more deadly measures to employ. That’s not all though as you will also need to defend your islands against the weather and hastily repair damage caused by storms before any Raptors make a break for the kitchens.

Science – This is the biggy, Science is where you can send out your dino boffins to scout the island and retrieve more fossils, bringing them back and releasing the DNA to make more dinosaurs. It’s within this field that you can splice dino-DNA and make new and horrific species of dinosaur that we’re positive won’t cause any trouble.

These three fields will combine to make up Jurassic World Evolution’s core gameplay and management of each one will shape how your park grows (or evolves if you like). The devs however practically promised that your park will be hit with disasters, be this the aforementioned huge storms we saw in the original films or just a T-Rex that has had enough of your BS and decides to liven things up by taking a stroll. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities you will be faced with when running your park.

The detail in the game promises to be deep and true to the lore. Frontier has been given access to Universals files on all the films as well as the lore and background mythos for the original books. You can guarantee that what you find in the final product will be authentic and signed off by Universal. The game will also boast an InGen database that will be fully stocked with this content.

Image result for jurassic world evolutionWithin the promo materials from Frontier, the studio promises “Every choice leads to a different path and spectacular challenges arise when life finds a way” which can be interpreted to mean that no two games will be the same, the bioengineering path alone will lend itself to the replayability factor and there will more than likely be add-ons in the form of DLC in the future too. We also suspect there will be in-game challenges and scenarios to explore too.

Frontier aren’t in unfamiliar territory here either, they have the impressive Planet Coaster under their belt which has recently surpassed a million players and is continuing to be expanded upon. With a level of experience such as that, it’s not too much of a stretch to expect Jurassic World Evolution will be a quality, solid game upon its release next summer on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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