Board games are on the up, you just had to look at the board game arena at EGX to see there are some fantastic games being made, most of them are successful kickstarter projects.

So much so, Capcom have jumped on the bandwagon – In conjunction with Steamforged Games to set up a Kickstarter for Resident Evil 2: The Board Game.

The Kickstarter campaign has absolutely smashed its £150,000 goal and has almost reached £500,000 (as of 5th Oct 2017); unbelievable figures for a board game, even one which is linked to the critically acclaimed survival horror franchise.

resident evil 2

By the time i noticed something was wrong, the entire city was infested with zombies!

The idea is pretty simple: up to four players choose from a number of familiar Resident Evil characters then venture forth into Raccoon City.

There are miniatures for Leon Kennedy, Robert Kendo, Claire Redfield and Ada Wong, as well as William Birkin’s third stage of mutation, the licker, zombie dogs and the G-mutant.

Gameplay revolves around resource management and the Tension Deck mechanic. Each turn you draw a card from this Tension Deck. You might get the all clear. You might get a horrible monster to face. You can take zombies on or, in classic old-school Resident Evil fashion, try to run past them.

Fans of the video game will find scenarios instantly familiar, each detail has been meticulously created for a truly authentic RE2 experience.

You can check out a playthrough of the game from the Kickstarter launch below

Are you going to pick the game up to tide you over until the Resident Evil 2 remake?

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