A lot of people have asked for my opinion on Ghost Recon Wildlands… 4 to be exact, to me that’s a lot, for a game that hasn’t really caught the eye of Gamers as much as popular titles out there in the shooting genre.

The way I would describe it is simple. If Grand Theft Auto made a baby with Call of Duty, you would have Ghost Recon Wildlands. Why are these two games privileged enough to warrant a mention in the conception of Wildlands I hear you ask? Read below and you’ll see.

Imagine the immersive, dynamic world of GTA V, with the action concept of Call of Duty. That is the easiest way, to sum up, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Set in the open world area of a made up Bolivian region, Ghost Recon Wildlands story focuses on the war against narcotics. You play as a group of ‘Ghosts’ whose job is to interrogate, intimidate and eradicate the threat to drug trafficking in Bolivia.

Without going into too much detail, I will very much take this opportunity for the reader to see this as a trailer to a fantastic film that you’ve heard about but never thought of watching. Like “The Accountant”.


This open-world masterpiece enables you to roam the entire area without you uncovering spoilers to the story mode or really ruining the game for multiplayer… that’s right. Co-Op on story modes and just general tomfoolery is a huge selling point. With full customisation of your player’s appearance, tech and weaponry.

I love the raw realism of the antagonists in the game. It doesn’t take 300 bullets, 17 grenades and 1 lightning streak from Thor to defeat a ‘boss’. It’s simple, you must track down the leaders of the different arms to a large Bolivian cartel. You do this by taking out the ‘lieutenants’, often set up in some type of small village surrounded by armed men. You can approach each base of the map any way you wish, whether it’s stealthy, all guns blazing, drop in from above, they really thought of everything.

I could literally talk about this game and its detail at length but that would reveal too much. I want you guys to approach the game with the same limited view I had and believe me when I tell you that this is tremendously underrated. Below are a few pros and cons to summarise Wildlands.



  • Four Player Co-Op
  • Detailed customisation on weapons, appearance etc
  • A decent narrative to follow that you don’t have to really pay too much attention too
  • Side Missions
  • Cool equipment like Drones
  • Amazing gunfights, stick it on the hardest setting for the ultimate rush
  • Although the map is huge, you can fast travel to make it easier


  • Might get a little repetitive for people who want a new FAD every 35 seconds
  • They civilian AI have no issues with running you over
  • A season pass that means you pay more when you get addicted to the game, which I purchased shamefully.

As you can tell, I’m a massive fan of Ghost Recon Wildlands but I’m keen to know your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below what you think of the game.

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