Developed by Paw Print Games and ndreams, Bloody Zombies is a four-player, side-scrolling beat um up where you and three pals take to the streets of London during a zombie outbreak to beat up the undead and look cool while doing it by laying down combos.

Choose one of four cheeky Londoners and take the fight to the undead and along the way gather weapons and new skills to create an ever-changing arsenal of ways to return the ghouls to their graves. With combo meters implemented, you can also compete against your friends to see who can kill the most zombies with the biggest combos and the most style.

It’s a simple concept and it works relatively well, a good game to jump on with your friends and settle in to bash some skulls. The gameplay, while intuitive did at times seem a little awkward, having to hit buttons combos absolutely perfectly in order to trigger skills and attacks with very little room for error resulted in miss hits and lost combo multipliers fairly often. One control mechanic that’s not particularly enjoyable is the double tap to run method, similar to that seen in console Minecraft. It feels clunky and unnecessary having to hit the stick or D-Pad twice in the direction you want to run in. It would be much easier to move around the play area with a constant run mode enabled.

The art design is cool, comic book style cutscenes with dry British humour from the voice acting class make these a delight to watch and progress the overall story of the game well. The sound design, however, could use some work, overused sound bites from the characters when hitting combos or picking up items grows old fast. The music is also lacking life and seems generic and repetitive but it’s not the end of the world, (pun very much intended).

Throughout the levels, there is a number of ever increasingly difficult boss fights. These are fun to get stuck into in single player but even more so with a team of other players, all pulling off insane moves to bring down huge, hulking great beasts. The variety of weapons and health picks throughout the game are also fun and add another dimension to slaying the seemingly never ending hordes of walkers.

Overall Bloody Zombies does exactly what it promises, beat up zombies and have fun doing so. It may not be the tightest game or have the most lavish designs but it works incredibly well for what it is and you can’t ask for more than that. Good old fashioned side-scrolling action and more than enough laughs along the way to enjoy with others.

Score: 7/10

Bloody Zombies is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam

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Bloody Zombies
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