Final Fantasy IX is now available to download from the European PS4 store for £16.99 (currently £13.49 for PlayStation Plus members)

The announcement comes following a successful release on Android and iOS, Final Fantasy IX was given a graphical overhaul and had several boosters added to the game including 3x Speed, Battle Assist, No Encounters Max Gil & 9999 Hit Damage.

These boosters have been retained in the PS4 release along with the addition of the Master All Abilities booster, which “will allow players to automatically master equipped weapons and gear; HD cutscenes and an Auto-save feature are also new additions.

Smooth Zidane….. real smooth.

Final Fantasy IX was originally released on the PlayStation 1 in 1999, during a transitional period as Sony began winding down the PS1 in order to focus on the launch of the PS2 but the game is one of the most well-loved titles in the catalogue.

A PSP/PS3 re-release came in 2010 and the mobile editions were released in 2016.

With the seemingly endless stream of re-boots and re-releases from Square Enix, surely a Final Fantasy VIII project is on the cards too?

Are you excited about re-living one of the best RPG titles ever released? is £16.99 a bit steep?

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