Hundreds of eager gamers flocked to Argos’ website last night in the hopes of bagging a pre-order of the new Minecraft Xbox One S for just £89.99 – £210 less than the recommended retail price.

The store’s site crashed for several hours after marketing agency PTM Media flagged up the price with consumers rushed to grab the Minecraft Xbox one

It understood that hundreds of users were able to order the console last night for the heavily discounted price – before it crashed under the weight of all the inbound traffic.

Human Error

PTM Media director Daniel Dalley said yesterday: “We posted the offer on our Facebook page – which has more than 60,000 followers – and we know that thousands of people clicked on it.

“We estimate around 200 to 300 people may have actually managed to buy one for this price.

“By the time I had got into the office this morning I decided to try to redeem the offer myself, but when I tried to get on the Argos website it was completely offline.”

Daniel said these errors are known as “retailer glitches” and are often caused by employees incorrectly entering prices.

“We see this quite often with lots of online retailers.

“Some will honour the deal, others won’t. It all depends on each particular website’s terms and conditions but some people may have got themselves a bargain this morning.”

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